Web Site Design Portfolio

Term 1 2019 our CoderDojo Challenge is to create your own web site portfolio to showcase your past and future CoderDojo projects.

We will be using HTML, CSS and potentially some JavaScript to create a multi page website incorporating the following:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Page – About you and what you like to do outside of CoderDojo (No personal information to be included)
  3. Portfolio Pages – Can be multiple pages to showcase different types of projects. e.g. Scratch, 3D, Digitial Art, etc
  4. Favourites Page – including links to some of your favourite coding related sites and projects. e.g. your favourite Scratch games, Online Tools for coding and design, How to sites, YouTube videos, etc.

What Not to Include – Too much personal information

  • First Name Only – No Surnames
  • No Home Addresses
  • No Contact Details

Where to Start